Getting Married and Moving to Kansas

I was working a temporary assignment for my company. I was sent from my home in the southeast all the way to Kansas. I have been to a lot of states for my job, but I have never been to Kansas. I was living in a hotel for a few months for the job, and I met a woman at a local laundromat. It was not long that I was asking for a moving allowance and looking at Topeka apartments for rent. We were getting married! Of course, my friends and family were worried about us getting married so fast, but I am convinced she is the one for me. And I know she is convinced I am the man she has been looking for.

I am a lot of things, but naive is not one of them. It is the same for her. I actually asked her to marry me the first day I met her. She said she would if we both felt the same at the end of my work assignment. I felt more convinced every day. We easily got through disagreements and even an argument. We just click. Why would I want to keep looking after I found the one person that I can get along with and share things like this with? We even picked out the same apartment building when we were both using our phones to look at them online. We found really nice Topeka apartments that were perfect for us.

We have a private patio and a real wood-burning fireplace. I stayed at the hotel and she stayed at her apartment until we got married. My family came out for the wedding. It was a casual event, and it was her idea. She wanted to put money into savings for our future instead. That is something we both have been doing since our first jobs in high school. We picked our apartment because it is nice and affordable. It is tough to find a combination like that. It is tough to find a combo like us too! And now I am a Kansas resident.

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Of All the Makeup, It Was Eye Makeup I Had Trouble with

Eye makeup has always been a problem for me. First, I do not like poking around my eyes with brushes and foam applicators. Drawing eyeliner on was a punishing event for me that I would do on special occasions. I looked at a website that explained wimpernserum to help me with my eyes. I needed the help to shape and define them. I had great eye color, but there was nothing stunning about my eyelashes or eyelids.

I have had trouble with everything from puffiness to bags under my eyes. My sister has really pretty eyes. She does not even wear any makeup. Her skin is so smooth, and she got really cute freckles. Her brown eyes are so beautiful. Mine are green, but they look small and not shaped well to me. I mean, of course, my eyeballs are round, but the eyelids and cheekbones do nothing to give me that stunning look I could otherwise have with green eyes. This is why I am careful about choosing eye makeup to enhance the look of my eyes and lashes.

I have a morning routine now for decorating my eyes. That is what my husband calls it. He assures me that I am stunning without the makeup. I am not convinced. However, you girls know our husbands see us different than the rest of the world does, and I got one of those office jobs where the girls are always in competition to look and dress the best. I have to at least give it an effort. If you are a woman in the workforce, you know exactly what I am talking about. It is not easy. Guys get a haircut and nobody notices. If a woman changes anything, the other girls notice. The website helped me shape and define the look of my eyes without making me look made up. I like my look now.

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Rotisserie Oven for Cooking Chickens

My family loves those juicy chickens that you get from the super market and I thought about making them myself, because it would probably be cheaper in the long run and then we could have them more often. They are really good for a lot of things, like making chicken sandwiches, and then you can always make soup with the bones. I am interested in figuring out what is the best rotisserie oven to purchase for the purpose of making this style of chicken.

I know that my family could go through probably a dozen of them in a week and still want more. I do not propose to make that money of them each week, once I buy this oven, but I will make them often enough for it to be worth it to buy one. Plus there is other things that I want to try to make in such an oven, but I will have to see how those turn out, before deciding if it will be a worthwhile use of my cooking time in the future.

I am trying to add some more variety into the types of food that my family eats, and so it would be a good idea for me to look at different meal options and such. I want to figure out more things that I can do with the chicken that I make in the rotisserie oven as well. because it seems like there are a lot of things that you can do with chicken. One of the first things that I want to learn how to do is to make good chicken and dumplings. My grandmother used to make them for me when I was little kid but she died before she could pass on the recipe of how to make them.

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5 Operating Principles of Resistive Touch Screen



Mr Touch screen talks about the Operating Principle of Resistive Touch Screen in this youtube video.


Video Transcripts

Touchscreen is basically a data input device.

It is a screen which responses to a touch.

There are various types of touch screens
which work according to different
physical principles.

List of Resistive Touch Screen Monitors & Displays – Faytech North America

Let’s consider the operating principle of a resistive

A resistive touchscreen consists of a glass board and the
flexible plastic membrane.

Both the board and the membrane are covered with
resistant coating. The space between the
glass and the membrane is filled with
micro insulators which are evenly
distributed along the screens active

They insulate conduction surfaces
when you touch the screen. The board in
the membrane close up the controller
and registers change in resistance with the
help of analog to digital converter.

That converts into coordinates of the

There are 5 & 8 wired touch screens. They improve tracking accuracy
but do not increase reliability.

Initially all four electrodes are asked
and the membrane is pulled by the
resistor up to plus 5 volts membrane.

Voltage level is constantly tracked by
the analog to digital converter when the
screen remains untouched. The voltage
equals 5 volts as soon as the screen is

The microprocessor detects the
membrane voltage change and starts
calculating coordinates

A 5 wire screen is more reliable as the membranes
resistive coating is replaced with a
conductive layer.

A 5 wire screen continues working even with a cut
membrane. The back glass has a resistive
coating with four electrodes along the

Resistive touchscreens are cheap
and have a maximum pollution resistance.

Resistive screens respond to a touch by
any smooth solid object.

This can be a hand a feather credit card or scalpels
blunt and one of the disadvantages of
resistive screens is their low light
transmittance .

No more than 85% for five
wire models and law parameters for four
wire models.

They also have a short
lifespan normal than 35 million touches
per one point.

These resistive screens are used in
payment terminals information kiosks
sales automation equipment handheld
computers and operator boards in the

Visit Faytech North America for their list of resistive touch screen and other touch screen monitors if you are interested.

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Hire Company for Corporate Gifts

A fairly important holiday is coming up in the next month or so, I am not sure exactly how far away it is off of the top of my head. But this is the time of year that we traditionally send out little presents to our clients, as a token of our appreciation to them. So we are trying to find a company to make corporate gifts in Singapore for us to send to those clients.

We have not completely decided on what we want to do in terms of the gifts, but we have some different ideas that have been floating around the office. We want something that is branded with our company’s name and logo, but has some functionality or value. At the same time, it can’t be a gift that is worth very much money, because we have a corporate policy against giving anything more than a modest gift. I believe that there are price limits, but I am not sure what the limit is, and I would have to check our global procedure database for that. Anyway, we can’t exceed those limits because we are restricted from giving even the appearance of impropriety, or conflict of interest.

That is because our company does a lot of third-party testing, which is supposed to be completely neutral, and therefore our reputation hinges partially on our ability to appear to be a neutral party. Anyway, that was a bit of a boring aside, because I started typing this to try to figure out what we were going to get for gifts to our clients, and instead I spoent a lot of time talking about what we could not do for presents. Anyway, I just found the contact info for a local company and I am going to give them a call.

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Local Prices for Scrap Metal

I need to scrape together some extra money because if I don’t then I am going to be in a bit of a bind. I hate it when I have problems with money as it is very stressful and I don’t really like dealing with financial stuff anyway. I know I have to though and that is why I am looking for scrap metal prices in my area to see what the prices are at right now. I hope that they are pretty good, because I am going to have to sell some of the scrap metal I’ve been accumulating to make ends meet for the next week or so. I had been collecting a bunch of scrap metal and I was going to save it until prices got pretty high and then just sell it all at once. No reason to make more than one trip with it, or to go and sell it every time I run across a bit more scrap to add to the collection.

I have some friends that will often give me scrap metal that they come across instead of throwing it away. Largely, they get it from odd jobs and such, and aren’t really interested in going to sell it themselves. There can be a bit of work in selling for the most money anyway, because it needs to be separated and you have to make sure that parts are removed which are not the metals they are looking for. This can be an extremely arduous task for the case of copper wire, because the rubber or plastic insulation has to be stripped from the wire before you can sell it for the most amount of money. Kind of a pain in the butt, but if you just do a little at a time in your spare time, it pays off.

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Getting a Professional Video Done Right

The costs of producing something on video are not cheap. Anyone who is making a professional production video realizes that they need an adequate budget to get the job done right. However, even if you have what amounts to unlimited resources to get your video done, you can still make a big mistake if you do not pick a fantastic production team to get it done. There are all kinds of production companies out there, but we decided to go with Big 3 video production, especially after a tour of their facility in Toa Payoh. The people, the equipment and the dedication let us know they were the ones to handle the story we wanted to tell.

We were developing a video that told the story of our company that started with the childhoods of each of our founders. We are a family company, so including the raw emotions of the reality of their home and family life as children was very important. We had pictures, old videos and even some silent 8mm film that needed to be incorporated into the production. Some of the photos from one of the founders were old black and white pictures taken on a camera that was made in the 1950s. Later images and video snippets are from cell phones and high-end DSLRs. We needed plenty of footage shot from the present day too with all of it being turned into a a 4K video.

We needed the technical and artistic capabilities of the Big 3 video production team to produce our corporate video that was going to be used for some time to come. We only wanted a high-end video made. This required a team of writers, producers, animators, directors and more. We needed technical as well as artistic experience to get the job done. The whole process was very professional, and we are more than pleased with the end product.

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The Eyelashes I Never Thought I’d Have

I have tried a couple of different eyelash serums, but neither of them gave me the results that I had hoped for. I had just about given up hope on finding one that would be helpful to me when I found a Wimpernserum site that really broke down the different serums that help women get the eyelashes that they wish they were born with. I had a lot of confidence in this site because the two serums that I had used were two of the ones that were reviewed here on the site. When I saw that those reviews were honest, I felt confident about looking at the others.

I know some sites will have false reviews just to get more people to buy products, but this site just wants to put the real facts out there. I read the two reviews on the ones I had tried, and they could have been written by me. That is why I was happy to see that another eyelash serum product was rated higher as far as success is concerned. I read all of the information pertaining to it, and I knew that I was going to try it.

What excited me the most was the fact that it has a 100 percent guaranteed rate. It does take longer for the full effects to be seen, but I was willing to wait since I didn’t have any other choice. The good news about this particular one though is that lashes do start thickening and growing stronger in as little as 15 days. I was really stoked when I saw that, and I didn’t even care that it cost a bit more in price. For me, it was money well spent, because it lived up to its claims. It feels so good to have the eyelashes that I never thought I would have!

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We Had Delicious Tapas on Our Vacation

I went to Singapore a few years ago with a group of friends. There were six of us total, and we just went for the sake of going. We had never been out of the country, and we decided that a trip to Singapore would be both inexpensive and fun. When we first got there, we spent the first two days on the beach. Then, we decided to start exploring some of the delicacies there. I did a search for Spanish Tapas in Singapore on my smartphone because the desk clerk at our hotel had told us that if we don’t try anything else before we leave, that we have to try that.

I have heard of Tapas, but I had never eaten them. I honestly didn’t even know what they were, exactly. When I did my search, the first result was for a restaurant called La Ventana. It was not far from our hotel, so we decided to go there for our first dinner out, since we had just been eating from the hotel for the first couple of days there. It was fun getting dressed up and hitting the town too!

When we first walked into La Ventana, the staff was so friendly and great. It did not take us long to get seated at a table, and the waiter was very helpful in explaining what different things were. We all decided to try the Tapas, and he suggested several for our table to get. My best friend loved the Roasted Octopus Tapas, but I much preferred the Strawberry Gazpacho and King Crab Tapas. Our table was split down the middle on which one was better, which actually worked out since we all got more of the one we liked. It was so good that we went back there two more times before leaving Singapore!

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They Did a Great Job on My Tooth

When my dentist told me that I needed to have a root canal, I honestly did not have a lot of confidence in her to perform it on me. I had only been to her twice, and she had hurt me both times. I figured I better find a better root canal treatment dentist if that was what I actually needed before I lost my tooth altogether. I went online and did a search, and that is how I found Fairy Meadow Family Dental. This dental practice specializes in all kinds of dental treatments, from basics like cleanings to things such as root canals, tooth implants and even complete denture sets.

I looked over their website and liked what I saw. I especially liked how I was able to learn all about what a root canal is right on their site. When I had asked the other dentist, she told me that it was treating an infected tooth the best way she could. I was able to read a lot more details on Fairy Meadow Family Dental’s website, and I knew that I was in much better hands with them, which is why I made an appointment.

I had to have an exam since I was never seen by them before, and I was really glad that they did that. I wanted them to be sure that I needed a root canal before just diving in, so they showed how responsible they truly are by giving me a complete examination before discussing anything. The bad news is that I did need a root canal. The good news though is that they were the ones who performed it, and I had no trouble with it at all. I went back for my cap just a couple of months later, and they told me that everything looks really good!

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Software for Carefully Tracking Investments

I have just started to invest money in the stock market, and I really think that it is something that I should have done years ago. But I am only now managing to save up enough money to invest. Before, I was not living paycheck to paycheck, but I was too close to doing so for my own comfort. I am reading reviews on Quicken 2016 because I am thinking about using it to track my finances and also my investments. If I am going to invest money then I need to do it right and that means that I am going to have to keep a very keen eye on my investments, and constantly track what is going on with them.

With any luck, by being super attentive to the stocks that I purchase, I will be able to avoid any serious problems besetting me. I know a lot of people lost a great deal of money in the stock market during the Great Recession of 2008. I am glad that I was not among those people, since I did not have enough money at the time. I guess that it would have been nice to have had enough money to invest back then, but it is fairly likely that I would have lost the money with all of the damage that happened to the economy during that period in time.

I am hopefully going to start investing within the next week. But I need to do a good bit of research before I do anything. I just want to make sure that I am being fairly careful with my money. I definitely do not want to risk losing it over a poorly-researched investment decision. So I am going to do everything I can to avoid anything like that.

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Trying to Make My Web Page Profitable

I have been sitting here for a couple of hours thinking about how to make money off of the web page I have been operating since I was in high school. It has a good number of users and some of them are quite active. Of course to make money you need a lot of people and if you are using ads, then it is best if you can get them to click on the ads once in awhile. Most people simply are not going to do that. I am going to try to use Amazon affiliates earnings instead and that is hopefully going to generate a good amount of money. The concept is rather simple. You put a box on the margin of the web page, it will be an Amazon dot come search link, but rather than just going to Amazon it is going to go there using your affiliate link. If people use it to buy stuff, then I am going to get a small commission on the purchase. The problem is that you are not going to make much money unless you can convince a lot of people to use the link. While I have a good number of users, the truth is that most of them do not have a lot of income. That is something based on demographics, which is obvious because they are mostly teens and young adults. Obviously they can buy stuff with their Mom and Dad’s money, but most of them are not going to have any sort of income of their own. If they do make a little money it is going to be cash which will go in and out of their pockets very quickly. They will not really have access to the means to buy stuff on the internet.

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I Am Ready to Start Working on My Own

After working for my boss for far too long, I finally had enough of him recently. I walked into his office and gave him my two week resignation notice. I think he was surprised only because I stayed for so long, but he also knew that I was leaving because of him. As soon as my two weeks was up, I spent my first day at home getting ready to start my own freelance business. I needed to find a good invoice generator and my own work line for clients to call me on. I needed to work out the rates that I would be charging and so much more.

I have been doing bookkeeping for the past 15 years and have known for a very long time that I am good at what I do. I even got a degree in bookkeeping so that I would never find myself struggling to get a job due to lack of experience for some companies that demand a high degree of experience. I figured that between that and working for some place long enough that I would be able to strike out on my own. I was just glad that time had finally come.

The first thing that I worked on during my first morning alone was finding the right program that would allow me to generate invoices easily. I attached it to a payment website that most people use, and it will allow all of my new clients to pay me at the touch of a button. It will be so much quicker than needing to wait for payments in the mail. My dad is also a freelancer, and I have seen him waiting as long as 60 days for his customers to pay him and get a check in the mail to him.

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Why We Switched to Organic Food Delivery in Singapore

We are busy here in Singapore. There is no doubt about that. I have visited different places where people say they have busy lifestyles. Well, I think, at least for my family, we pass them all up with the amount of things we have to get done in a day. To do that you need energy, and to get energy you need to be eating right. That is why we use the services of a company that provides organic food delivery in Singapore to provide all of our grocery needs.

We pick our breakfast, lunch and dinner foods and they are delivered right to our door. This includes fresh produce that is organically grown. We got away from the commercially grown produce and all of its pesticides just before our first child was born. We have been watching the studies and statistics pointing to diet causing much of the disease problems, so we decided to go organic and to leave the processed foods on the shelves in the stores.

Do you know that if you start a child’s life on organically grown fresh foods that are not heavily processed that it will be those foods the child craves? The human diet cravings come from artificially made foods that are packed with fat, protein and sugars. The body needs those things to survive, but it needs them in proper proportions. Artificially increasing the amounts makes the body think those items are a better food choice to protect against starving. If you feed it good food that is properly nutrient proportioned, it will crave those foods instead. This is what we have been doing since our first child was born.

Granted, it is difficult for us to prevent the candy bars and other things from creeping into their diets. The worst culprits are the grandparents. They are of the mindset that a little won’t hurt. They do not understand that it is like a drug to the body. Don’t get me wrong, we do enjoy desserts and things. They are just made the way we want them made, and that includes organically sourced food items delivered to us here in Singapore.

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Short Sales in Brooklyn NY Kept Us from Total Financial Ruin

When times got tough and our mortgage payments every month seemed like we were trying to pay off the National Debt alone, we knew it would not be long before the house was either sold or we defaulted on the mortgage. We were doing everything we could to avoid foreclosure. We were running one and two months behind on our mortgage. At one point we got three months behind. We had tried to sell the house but could not. We were under water with the amount still owed now, so we looked into short sales in Brooklyn NY to see what could be done.

Of course some buyers are interested in a short sale. They get a property for less than its value or at least get a really good deal. They can walk away with a property with no outstanding liens with the bank being happy. We needed to protect ourselves in the short sale as well. We were not going to agree to owing anything after the sale, and we did not want our credit further damaged beyond what it already was. The banks and other creditors all agreed to the short sale details. The buyer got a nice property, and we were able to get out from under a very bad mortgage that we should not have gotten into in the first place.

We were younger and made mistakes with our available credit. We were living from paycheck to paycheck just barely making payments on things. There was no money for savings for those rainy days everyone warns you about. Being young is all sunshine and rainbows, or just looking through rose colored glasses at the world around you. Then you slowly become aware of financial facts. Simply put, the math can’t be ignored. You either have enough money or you do not. At least the short sale kept us from total financial ruin.

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Best Studios for Mastering Music

I would like to get this CD I made mastered, because right now, it is a little bit rough around the edges, and that is to say the least. I would hate to try to release it like it is and I really want to go to a mastering studio in order to work on it more, and get it to what it should sound like, based on the picture I have in my head. Picture is a weird word to use when you are talking about music, but I don’t know a better word to describe what I am talking about, so I am just going to roll with it for now.

I have some other ideas for CDs to make in the near future. I have a hard time sticking with one project before I move on to the next. But this time, I really want to make sure that I see this project through to completion, as opposed to moving onto something else before it is done. That seems like a good idea, because I think it will build my confidence if I am able to see the finished project and really enjoy what I hear.

I want to layer a few of the guitar tracks, because I think that would really help to make the album feel a bit more full-bodied. I guess that is a good way to describe it. I don’t have any formal musical training, so often times, I find myself at a loss for the right words to use when I am describing what I am trying to do. But I know what I want to have the finished project sound like, and I use that as a guide for my decisions with regards to changing things towards making a mastered version of all of the tracks.

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Saving Money on My Monthly Internet Service is Important to Me

I have been really intent on trying to save more money over this past year. In the past, I was really bad on budgeting and making sure I got the best prices on whatever I purchased, but that has been different this year. I had already switched to another electric company, and now I wanted to see what other Internet service providers were in my area to see if I could get a better cost savings there. I had even switched grocery stores and gas stations to get lower prices as well, so finding a cheaper online service was just a natural progression for me.

It is important that I have high speed Internet. I really do not want to waste more time online that is necessary due to crawling at low speeds online. So, I knew that if I could not find a lower price with speedy service, I would need to stay with the company I am with now. I figured some new company would start offering lower prices at a later date if I could not find anyone now.

I was not too surprised to learn that there is more than one new company offering service in my area. I found several pages stating as such within only seconds of searching online about it. I love DSL service, and one other company in the area offers it. I checked out the different plan prices they have and then gave them a call.

The customer service with the company I have been with for years has not been bad at all. So, I needed to make sure that a new company would have great service as well before getting rid of the first company. I have now had my new service installed for three weeks and I have been using it exclusively. The price is much lower than what I was paying before, so I just put in my cancellation order with the first company today. I’m very happy about it.

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Making a Good First Impression with New Paint

Some people may try to deny or avoid it, but the bottom line is that physical appearances are very important in this world. Even just the first impression that someone feels from a glance can alter the way things carry on down the road for quite some time. This is true whether you are talking about a first date or going to a business, there are really no exceptions to our expectations for everything too look great. Hiring a painter in Bergen County NJ can be a great way to help with this, as a great paint job can drastically change the way a building looks from the outside.

Even if the building is old and in need of renovation, the color on the outside is often what people notice first. This means that the paint can make or break their opinion about everything else, and greatly sway their opinion of a business. Whether it is a conscious decision or subconscious thought, the fact is that this impression can bias their feelings when it comes to deciding to make a purchase or even reviewing something after the fact.

So do not put your business at a huge disadvantage by having to make up for this first impression. Sure it is possible to win customers over with nothing more than great products or services, but it is much easier to bring them in and show this off with a proper looking building. Even newer buildings can often benefit greatly from a new coat of paint, as it is common that weathering and direct sunlight can quickly eat away at paint in just a few years. Best of all, going with an experienced and reasonable company like this one means that you will get a job done amazingly well without having to spend too much.

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How Do You Do Effective SEO?

How do you do effective SEO? I have been looking all over the internet to try to figure that out. In fact I probably would not really know whether or not I was having much effect by myself. There are a lot of things I am good at and a lot of things that I understand, but this is not one of them. I did find this offer, which seems pretty good, if it is true. It is at this SEO based forum, Of course I understand the underlying concept of the Google Page Rank. You have a keyword that you are interested in, for instance if you sell widgets that you want to be able to reach the person who searches for widgets. How common the keyword is makes it a lot more difficult. For instance if you are selling burgers, then you have to go up against McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Hardee’s and so forth. A person who is searching for a burger on his phone is going to find all of those place. You just want to make sure that you do not get pushed off the first page.

Being on that first page is the critical factor, especially if you have a lot of competition. If you were the only game in town it might not matter so much. However if you are selling something that can be bought in a lot of places, like a burger for example, then the buyer is going to find a seller rather easily. It is a matter of price and convenience for him. He obviously does not want to drive all the way across town for a burger and he is not going to want to pay ten dollars for a burger that some other place would charge him five for.

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The Best Way to Have an Office

I have often been accused of wanting my cake and eating it too. I actually agree with that assessment, and I think that most others are the same way, even if they won’t admit it. A good example of this is when I was looking for an office in Singapore. I didn’t want the hassle of having to maintain one on my own though, and that is why I started looking for a service office instead. It truly is the best of both worlds for someone in my position. I needed office space, but I did not need all of the hassles that come along with having one.

A serviced office is the perfect answer for me. It means I get to have prime office space that is convenient for both my clients as well as myself. When they come in, they see a really nice office that has a receptionist, nice furniture, and a great location. What I see is having all the perks without having the hassle that is associated with them. I pay one price and get everything that other offices have. I have a secretary when I need one, a receptionist to greet my clients, and so much more.

I don’t even have to supply the furniture. Instead, everything I need is already there. The furniture, the staff, and so much more. If a client calls after hours, I even have an answering service that is included in the cost of my lease. When you get all of these advantages without all of the work or the cost of securing them for yourself, why wouldn’t a person be interested in doing it this way? It is the best of both worlds to me, and it is the only way that I will have an office from now on.

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Going Back to School at My Age

university of chesterI never thought I would see myself going back to school at my age. I had been married when I was 18, and I was a wife and mother for 22 years. I am still both of those things, but I have a lot more time on my hands now that all three of our children are out on their own. I quickly grew bored staying home and cleaning, even with my occasional outings with friends. It was during one of these outings that my best friend suggested I look into a part time degree in singapore.

She knew how bored I was, and she encouraged me to look at the different programs available. She went the education route rather than the family route when we were younger, so she knew what she was talking about when she said that companies are hiring older workers too. I figured if I went part time, I would still be able to take care of my family and other responsibilities, but I could also embrace a new life for myself too. I looked at the different programs, and I saw where they have an extensive culinary division to the school.

I have spent over half of my life in the kitchen, and my friends and family have all told me that I am an excellent cook. Knowing that I could study culinary arts and get a degree in a field that I already enjoyed so much sparked an interest in me. I read everything I could on it, and I knew that it was where I was meant to be at this stage of my life. It is exciting being back in school, even if I am doing it at a slower pace than others. I feel like I have a new purpose to life, and that is simply thrilling.

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The Best Hair Salon in Singapore Keeps My Husband and I Looking Great!

I am not in the competition to be Miss Singapore, but I do go to the best hair salon in singapore that is the official salon for the women in the competition. My husband goes there to get his hair styled too. He looks great! I have never been disappointed with any of my visits to this salon. Anyone who gets their hair done be it a man or woman knows that there are times that you can go to a salon and your hair turns out perfect. Then there are other times you come away a bit disappointed. I used to have the mentality that, oh well, it will grow back. Then I would pick another stylist on my next visit or another salon altogether.

Ever since I have been coming here I have not had any problems even if my usual stylist is not available on a particular day I need to make an appointment. My husband goes in and gets his hair styled by any stylist that is available and he always comes home with great looking hair. Some people never find a salon like that where any stylist can give you the perfect look you desire. This is why, in my opinion, it is the best hair salon in Singapore. I figure if they are good enough to be the official salon for the Miss Singapore competition, then they can make my hair look great.

My husband and I were watching television the other day when a shampoo commercial came on. The female model was running her fingers through her long luxurious and shiny hair. My husband said that my hair looks nicer than hers. I compared the sheen and body of her hair with mine, and he is correct. I do have hair nice enough to be in a shampoo commercial on TV! That is a good mark for the salon that takes care of my hair. They even help me to pick out the right products to keep my hair looking great.

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