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We are busy here in Singapore. There is no doubt about that. I have visited different places where people say they have busy lifestyles. Well, I think, at least for my family, we pass them all up with the amount of things we have to get done in a day. To do that you need energy, and to get energy you need to be eating right. That is why we use the services of a company that provides organic food delivery in Singapore to provide all of our grocery needs.

We pick our breakfast, lunch and dinner foods and they are delivered right to our door. This includes fresh produce that is organically grown. We got away from the commercially grown produce and all of its pesticides just before our first child was born. We have been watching the studies and statistics pointing to diet causing much of the disease problems, so we decided to go organic and to leave the processed foods on the shelves in the stores.

Do you know that if you start a child’s life on organically grown fresh foods that are not heavily processed that it will be those foods the child craves? The human diet cravings come from artificially made foods that are packed with fat, protein and sugars. The body needs those things to survive, but it needs them in proper proportions. Artificially increasing the amounts makes the body think those items are a better food choice to protect against starving. If you feed it good food that is properly nutrient proportioned, it will crave those foods instead. This is what we have been doing since our first child was born.

Granted, it is difficult for us to prevent the candy bars and other things from creeping into their diets. The worst culprits are the grandparents. They are of the mindset that a little won’t hurt. They do not understand that it is like a drug to the body. Don’t get me wrong, we do enjoy desserts and things. They are just made the way we want them made, and that includes organically sourced food items delivered to us here in Singapore.


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