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I have been sitting here for a couple of hours thinking about how to make money off of the web page I have been operating since I was in high school. It has a good number of users and some of them are quite active. Of course to make money you need a lot of people and if you are using ads, then it is best if you can get them to click on the ads once in awhile. Most people simply are not going to do that. I am going to try to use Amazon affiliates earnings instead and that is hopefully going to generate a good amount of money. The concept is rather simple. You put a box on the margin of the web page, it will be an Amazon dot come search link, but rather than just going to Amazon it is going to go there using your affiliate link. If people use it to buy stuff, then I am going to get a small commission on the purchase. The problem is that you are not going to make much money unless you can convince a lot of people to use the link. While I have a good number of users, the truth is that most of them do not have a lot of income. That is something based on demographics, which is obvious because they are mostly teens and young adults. Obviously they can buy stuff with their Mom and Dad’s money, but most of them are not going to have any sort of income of their own. If they do make a little money it is going to be cash which will go in and out of their pockets very quickly. They will not really have access to the means to buy stuff on the internet.


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