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I have tried a couple of different eyelash serums, but neither of them gave me the results that I had hoped for. I had just about given up hope on finding one that would be helpful to me when I found a Wimpernserum site that really broke down the different serums that help women get the eyelashes that they wish they were born with. I had a lot of confidence in this site because the two serums that I had used were two of the ones that were reviewed here on the site. When I saw that those reviews were honest, I felt confident about looking at the others.

I know some sites will have false reviews just to get more people to buy products, but this site just wants to put the real facts out there. I read the two reviews on the ones I had tried, and they could have been written by me. That is why I was happy to see that another eyelash serum product was rated higher as far as success is concerned. I read all of the information pertaining to it, and I knew that I was going to try it.

What excited me the most was the fact that it has a 100 percent guaranteed rate. It does take longer for the full effects to be seen, but I was willing to wait since I didn’t have any other choice. The good news about this particular one though is that lashes do start thickening and growing stronger in as little as 15 days. I was really stoked when I saw that, and I didn’t even care that it cost a bit more in price. For me, it was money well spent, because it lived up to its claims. It feels so good to have the eyelashes that I never thought I would have!


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