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I have been really intent on trying to save more money over this past year. In the past, I was really bad on budgeting and making sure I got the best prices on whatever I purchased, but that has been different this year. I had already switched to another electric company, and now I wanted to see what other Internet service providers were in my area to see if I could get a better cost savings there. I had even switched grocery stores and gas stations to get lower prices as well, so finding a cheaper online service was just a natural progression for me.

It is important that I have high speed Internet. I really do not want to waste more time online that is necessary due to crawling at low speeds online. So, I knew that if I could not find a lower price with speedy service, I would need to stay with the company I am with now. I figured some new company would start offering lower prices at a later date if I could not find anyone now.

I was not too surprised to learn that there is more than one new company offering service in my area. I found several pages stating as such within only seconds of searching online about it. I love DSL service, and one other company in the area offers it. I checked out the different plan prices they have and then gave them a call.

The customer service with the company I have been with for years has not been bad at all. So, I needed to make sure that a new company would have great service as well before getting rid of the first company. I have now had my new service installed for three weeks and I have been using it exclusively. The price is much lower than what I was paying before, so I just put in my cancellation order with the first company today. I’m very happy about it.


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