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NMN,也称为烟酰胺单核苷酸,是存在于活细胞中的一种天然产物,是辅酶NAD +的前提。许多用户还称其为不朽产品。实际上,这种说法并不是特别准确,但是它们添加了那些抗衰老和抗氧化成分,可以延缓皮肤的衰老。









The first evidence that sirtuins can participate in mammalian aging regulation comes from mice lacking SIRT6. It seems that among the silent regulatory proteins, SIRT6 depletion exhibits the most severe phenotype (observable physical characteristics) as it is essential to achieve normal life span.

These mice show signs of degeneration and premature aging three weeks after birth, such as a sudden decrease in subcutaneous fat, cervical spondylosis (back spine), colitis (inflammatory bowel disease), severe lymphopenia (too few white blood cells) and osteopenia (sparse bones), which can lead to death in the fourth week of life.

Today in the 21st century, we know that it is not a dream to live a long life against age and return to youth. Why not choose NMN and choose a real NMN to give ourselves a chance to live a long and healthy life?

Let's take a look at the effect of NMN!

Grandfather Wang, 64, got better and better sleep after taking Comte NMN for half a month. When he finished eating for four weeks, he found that his knees didn't hurt any more. He insisted on taking it and found that the fine lines on the back of his hands were much less, and his nails grew faster than before. Thank you very much for Comte NMN!

Improve symptoms: hair loss, white hair

Application object: Mr. Wang, male, 58 years old

Region: Guangdong

Before the physical condition: in recent years, hair loss, white temples, sparse hair, a variety of drugs to take a lot, little effect.

Dosage: take Kangte NMN 2 capsules daily

Application effect: after eating for three months, I found that the hair became black and thick, and new hair began to grow in the place without hair. Although it was still relatively short, it could be seen by the naked eye.

Which groups use NMN better

NMN is suitable for a wide range of people. According to age, both the elderly and middle-aged people need to supplement NMN, which can help relieve sub-health problems such as chronic fatigue, poor sleep, vision loss, and improve various geriatric diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. According to occupation, adding NMN to more stressed Office workers can effectively regulate physical functions and prevent sudden diseases; In addition, athletes, frequent drinkers, and patients with depression can also improve their physical function, repair damaged genes, and comprehensively improve their physique by supplementing NMN.

Finally, to answer some questions about NMN, I hope to help you!

When you buy anti-aging products, you can't tell the difference between NMN and NAD. What are the differences between them?

There is no difference between NMN and NAD. Nad is also called coenzyme I, and its full name is nicotinamide adenine Di and glycine, and its precursor is NMN, which is called nicotinamide mononucleotide. If the lack of NAD, the formation of metabolism can not be carried out, the elderly because of the lack of this substance, so all kinds of problems appear, and if you can add additional NMN, you can comprehensively anti-aging. Therefore, from this level, NMN has anti-aging effect, but with the growth of our age, the level of NAD in our body will gradually decrease, which will reduce the activity of our whole mitochondria and accelerate aging.

NMN has magical effect on cells. Is it useful for cancer patients?

In theory, Comte NMN has an auxiliary effect on the treatment of cancer patients, which can help cancer patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy to repair genes, improve the immune ability of cancer patients, and speed up the rehabilitation treatment of the body. The specific eating method should also follow the doctor's advice. At the same time, NMN can also prolong the life of cells, maintain the energy level of young cells, improve the blood circulation in the body, so as to improve the metabolic ability of the elderly, and has obvious effect in reversing aging, preventing aging and anti-aging. Long term use will not depend on it, but we should pay attention to the dosage of Comte NMN, and take it according to the recommended dosage.

Recently, I am very interested in health care products. I heard that the effect of Comte NMN is very good. I want to buy it back and try it. I just don't know whether NMN can enhance sexual function?

NMN has little effect on enhancing sexual function, but it can be transformed to some extent after being ingested into the human body, which ultimately helps the human body to obtain protein, fat, carbohydrate and other nutrients, and maintain the sufficient energy needed by the human body to meet the needs of the body. At ordinary times, if you want to take enough NMN, it is recommended to take Kangte NMN products with high content of active ingredients. After taking it, you can regulate your body, play a good role in delaying aging, and comprehensively regulate your health. When your body has sufficient nutrients, your kidney function will be improved, and your sexual function will be improved.

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