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I need to scrape together some extra money because if I don’t then I am going to be in a bit of a bind. I hate it when I have problems with money as it is very stressful and I don’t really like dealing with financial stuff anyway. I know I have to though and that is why I am looking for scrap metal prices in my area to see what the prices are at right now. I hope that they are pretty good, because I am going to have to sell some of the scrap metal I’ve been accumulating to make ends meet for the next week or so. I had been collecting a bunch of scrap metal and I was going to save it until prices got pretty high and then just sell it all at once. No reason to make more than one trip with it, or to go and sell it every time I run across a bit more scrap to add to the collection.

I have some friends that will often give me scrap metal that they come across instead of throwing it away. Largely, they get it from odd jobs and such, and aren’t really interested in going to sell it themselves. There can be a bit of work in selling for the most money anyway, because it needs to be separated and you have to make sure that parts are removed which are not the metals they are looking for. This can be an extremely arduous task for the case of copper wire, because the rubber or plastic insulation has to be stripped from the wire before you can sell it for the most amount of money. Kind of a pain in the butt, but if you just do a little at a time in your spare time, it pays off.


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