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After working for my boss for far too long, I finally had enough of him recently. I walked into his office and gave him my two week resignation notice. I think he was surprised only because I stayed for so long, but he also knew that I was leaving because of him. As soon as my two weeks was up, I spent my first day at home getting ready to start my own freelance business. I needed to find a good invoice generator and my own work line for clients to call me on. I needed to work out the rates that I would be charging and so much more.

I have been doing bookkeeping for the past 15 years and have known for a very long time that I am good at what I do. I even got a degree in bookkeeping so that I would never find myself struggling to get a job due to lack of experience for some companies that demand a high degree of experience. I figured that between that and working for some place long enough that I would be able to strike out on my own. I was just glad that time had finally come.

The first thing that I worked on during my first morning alone was finding the right program that would allow me to generate invoices easily. I attached it to a payment website that most people use, and it will allow all of my new clients to pay me at the touch of a button. It will be so much quicker than needing to wait for payments in the mail. My dad is also a freelancer, and I have seen him waiting as long as 60 days for his customers to pay him and get a check in the mail to him.


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