Getting Married and Moving to Kansas

I was working a temporary assignment for my company. I was sent from my home in the southeast all the way to Kansas. I have been to a lot of states for my job, but I have never been to Kansas. I was living in a hotel for a few months for the job, and I met a woman at a local laundromat. It was not long that I was asking for a moving allowance and looking at Topeka apartments for rent. We were getting married! Of course, my friends and family were worried about us getting married so fast, but I am convinced she is the one for me. And I know she is convinced I am the man she has been looking for.

I am a lot of things, but naive is not one of them. It is the same for her. I actually asked her to marry me the first day I met her. She said she would if we both felt the same at the end of my work assignment. I felt more convinced every day. We easily got through disagreements and even an argument. We just click. Why would I want to keep looking after I found the one person that I can get along with and share things like this with? We even picked out the same apartment building when we were both using our phones to look at them online. We found really nice Topeka apartments that were perfect for us.

We have a private patio and a real wood-burning fireplace. I stayed at the hotel and she stayed at her apartment until we got married. My family came out for the wedding. It was a casual event, and it was her idea. She wanted to put money into savings for our future instead. That is something we both have been doing since our first jobs in high school. We picked our apartment because it is nice and affordable. It is tough to find a combination like that. It is tough to find a combo like us too! And now I am a Kansas resident.

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