Going Back to School at My Age

university of chesterI never thought I would see myself going back to school at my age. I had been married when I was 18, and I was a wife and mother for 22 years. I am still both of those things, but I have a lot more time on my hands now that all three of our children are out on their own. I quickly grew bored staying home and cleaning, even with my occasional outings with friends. It was during one of these outings that my best friend suggested I look into a part time degree in singapore.

She knew how bored I was, and she encouraged me to look at the different programs available. She went the education route rather than the family route when we were younger, so she knew what she was talking about when she said that companies are hiring older workers too. I figured if I went part time, I would still be able to take care of my family and other responsibilities, but I could also embrace a new life for myself too. I looked at the different programs, and I saw where they have an extensive culinary division to the school.

I have spent over half of my life in the kitchen, and my friends and family have all told me that I am an excellent cook. Knowing that I could study culinary arts and get a degree in a field that I already enjoyed so much sparked an interest in me. I read everything I could on it, and I knew that it was where I was meant to be at this stage of my life. It is exciting being back in school, even if I am doing it at a slower pace than others. I feel like I have a new purpose to life, and that is simply thrilling.

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The Best Hair Salon in Singapore Keeps My Husband and I Looking Great!

I am not in the competition to be Miss Singapore, but I do go to the best hair salon in singapore that is the official salon for the women in the competition. My husband goes there to get his hair styled too. He looks great! I have never been disappointed with any of my visits to this salon. Anyone who gets their hair done be it a man or woman knows that there are times that you can go to a salon and your hair turns out perfect. Then there are other times you come away a bit disappointed. I used to have the mentality that, oh well, it will grow back. Then I would pick another stylist on my next visit or another salon altogether.

Ever since I have been coming here I have not had any problems even if my usual stylist is not available on a particular day I need to make an appointment. My husband goes in and gets his hair styled by any stylist that is available and he always comes home with great looking hair. Some people never find a salon like that where any stylist can give you the perfect look you desire. This is why, in my opinion, it is the best hair salon in Singapore. I figure if they are good enough to be the official salon for the Miss Singapore competition, then they can make my hair look great.

My husband and I were watching television the other day when a shampoo commercial came on. The female model was running her fingers through her long luxurious and shiny hair. My husband said that my hair looks nicer than hers. I compared the sheen and body of her hair with mine, and he is correct. I do have hair nice enough to be in a shampoo commercial on TV! That is a good mark for the salon that takes care of my hair. They even help me to pick out the right products to keep my hair looking great.

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